By Jon MurrayThe Denver Post

Before organizers put together Denver’s first permitted 4/20 pro-marijuana rally seven years ago, Civic Center served as a magnet for ragtag gatherings of enthusiasts each April 20.

This year, it’s back to that old reality — in contrast to  recent expanded 4/20 festivals that rolled out the green carpet for tens of thousands of people, plus vendors, for the all-important smoke-out in solidarity at 4:20 p.m.

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By Ricardo Baca 

The Denver Post

POSTED:   12/26/2014 02:12:15 PM MST

That harried, Friday-evening moment when you’re switching gears from work brain to party mode, gathering what you’ll need for a fun night out — keys, phone, bottle of wine for the dinner party you’re attending — has changed quite a bit in  post-legalization Colorado.

Some are adding a  vape pen or infused tincture to their date-night clutches. Others will pre-pack a bowl or  one-hitter before heading out — or they’ll chew on a 10-milligram  edible on their way to the party. And those running low on supplies can  swing by the pot shop on their way to the dinner and maybe grab a pre-rolled joint as a gift to the evening’s hosts.

Think this sounds exaggerated or made up, some amplified version of what’s actually happening on Friday nights all around Colorado? Think again.

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