1906 Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans



5MgTHC : 5MgCBD per Coffee Bean
Go uses an optimal blend of plant medicines, caffeine, and cannabis to create an all-natural performance enhancer for brain and body. It was designed to help you get all the life stuff done, whether that’s an endurance workout or an epic to-do list. Go works by increasing blood flow to the brain and body in order to boost mental and physical energy and stamina. Most energy formulations have a steep crash that is not just unpleasant but ultimately counterproductive. 1906 Go is built on two of the safest, most effective plant medicines in human history: caffeine and L-theanine (which is derived from green tea).

By combining them, we mitigate the jitters and create a clean burning, stable energy surge. We then add Alpinia galanga, used for millennia to provide effective stimulation with no crash, and theobromine to increase blood flow to the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Go is a great alternative to chemical-filled energy drinks, cheap sugar highs, and caffeine jitters. It’s a super-effective formula for athletes because it supplies body energy by boosting circulation. It also works amazingly for grogginess, jet lag, and Monday procrastination. If you want to organize the crap out of your closet or hit the zone faster on your run, Go is your new best friend. Because Go contains a substantial amount of caffeine, use it carefully. Each bean contains about half a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine. Too much can make you feel very sick.


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